Work experience through internship

Flux has a cooperation with the University of Bergen (UoB) where students of the integrated master’s program in energy get work experience through an internship. 

The internship has a scope of two working days a week for one semester, as a part of the course ENERGI240. This spring semester Flux had one intern, Terese Espeland, who is on the sixth semester of the five-year programme.

Terese has an interest in offshore wind and her focus at Flux was to investigate and identify relevant areas for Flux in the industry. During her time here she has dived into several areas related to the industry, including systems, production, value chain, and different offshore wind projects. She has also participated in conferences, webinars, and meetings, learning from several companies willing to share their knowledge and experience.

“My internship at Flux has been an educational and informative experience. I have been involved in and exposed to how the company work towards a more sustainable and digital future. I have learned about the offshore wind industry, products and systems, as well as applicable procedures and standards. The learning gained through this internship would have been difficult to achieve in a classroom.”


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