Flux part of Additive Manufacturing Acceleration Program

Flux is participating in The Industry 4.0 Acceleration Program (IAP), organized by Innovation Norway, as one of six companies. 

Global Growth Industry 4.0 Acceleration Program aims to give participants technical competence, real scenarios and hands-on output in industry 4.0 technologies. The program is in partnership with SIVA, Norsk Katapult and Ocean Innovation Catapult Center, and will start throughout 2022. Kick off for Flux is set to be June 3. 

This program focuses on Additive Manufacturing (AM), and give insight to today’s possibilities within AM as well as identifying company specific parts, prototypes and business cases. AM is an important part of industry 4.0 and allows for a completely new way of producing parts. EOS Additive Minds is a technical partner in this program and will contribute with AM experts. EOS is a leading technology provider for industrial 3D printing of metals and plastics.

This program will enable more of Flux employees to acquire knowledge about Additive Manufacturing. Flux has already educated one of our employees to become an AM designer as a collaboration with EOS and Innovation Norway. Flux has installed a 3D-printer for polymers on our premises and are working towards doing the same for metals, but with use of third-party local AM factories. Our AM designer has designed a product that is currently undergoing extensive testing. This product can only be manufactured using AM, as it would be to detailed and complicated to use other traditional methods.


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