ESG Report 2022

In this ESG report you can read about some of our innovational
initiatives towards a greener way of doing business. In addition, I
want to point out some smaller examples as well; our tight
relations with the universities in Norway, and extension of the
Italian team to ensure we are able to onboard more projects
without increasing our CO2 from travels. These examples, and
together with our bigger initiatives mentioned in this report, we
are securing our growth will be done with sustainability as a key
On a final note, we have focused more on establishing a supply
network, where we have among other things, a shared recourse
between us and our partner F3nice. We believe such partnerships
and shared recourses, we will be able to secure re-cycling of Hi–
Alloy materials, to perhaps the most green re-cycling process with
90% CO2 saving compared to traditional methods.
We are now looking forward to 2023 with further growth from the
sustainable platform in place.

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