ESG Report 2021

The merger has without a doubt impacted the passing year, where systems, procedures, etc. has been altered. This type of re-structuring comes of course with some challenges for both the organization and the people who works there,
but I am impressed with the result. The people in our organization have really lived up to our values of being both competent and flexible throughout the organization. Furthermore, this merger has strengthened our opportunities of extended offering with combination of products and services from all segments. The merger has also been a great opportunity to really look at the way we do things.
The “green train” is still in motion as new developments are happening every day. Moreld Flux are already onboard, and I am pleased to announce that we have invested in our first 3D printer. This is of course just a small, but nonetheless an important step towards the fourth industrial revolution; A circular economy. Furthermore, we have had onboard with us several students from different universities, bringing their new perspective and has study several important projects related to renewable initiatives and sustainable projects.


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